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PHIL VISITS SHAUN ELLIS: Star of “The Wolfman” Shaun has an exceptional bond with dogs and wolves, his passion like mine is to understand these remarkable animals. So I headed off to spend a day with Shaun. Shaun like I believe that to really understand how your dog thinks, you need to apply some general principles of wolf psychology and behaviour; to look at what we term “the wild side of your dog." Many people say a dog is a dog and not a wolf. But Shaun with over 20 years of studying wolf behaviour from within the pack, living, eating and sleeping with them has accumulated an in-depth knowledge like no other trainer or dog behaviour psychologist. Some of whom may question his academic status, but can't question or dispute his knowledge and first-hand experience.

We can all talk a good game, but Shaun plays a world class game. There are many similarities in how dogs and wolves have to adapt and change to circumstances within their pack's social structure and human social structure. There is much discussion in the media regarding dog behaviour and the "pack mentality" - if it can and should be used to train dogs. Every dog is different, yes we get it, but what is a dog. A dog is a domesticated form of the wolf and DNA confirms this fact. A dog is also a pack animal, so with some breeds with strong innate thresholds "pack mentality" can be more of a issue than some may not want to think. You can not train all behaviour out of all dogs. Like you can not train all birds, not to fly, it's instinct.

What I found out: Shaun like me want's to improve people’s relationships with their dogs through demonstrating how the mind of the domestic dog works and teaching people how to apply knowledge and understanding in every day practice to ensure a happy calm household.

Understanding your dog first is paramount in my mind and Shauns research reinforces why I think pack structure, the social positioning and its relevance to your dog gives you a advantage when in situations , new environments and how to form a trust. Owners should have first hand knowledge of pack structure, social positioning, communication to help you understand your dog and how they tick.

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Living with the Wolfman: Eight part documentary about Ellis which aired in the United States
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on Animal Planet in October and November 2008. It is also due to be shown in the UK on Five. The documentary follows Ellis as he lives with the wolf pack at Combe Martin and his relationship with his partner and their life in Devon. It also shows how Ellis integrated his girlfriend into the pack.

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