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    KIDNAPPED BY THE CROWN - J-ust E-nought T-ears T-akenaway! (Jett) (21st June 2013)

    ‘To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny, or delay right or justice'

    Whoisagentp? Police search on digital equipment, searching for someone called agentp, to appease and befriend significant risk

    Ablum Whoisagentp?

    WHO IS?
    controlling the secret plan (perverting the course of justice) the decision makers without law!

    Police gather statements! Mens rea" & "actus reus" Ablum We all need Heroes; Song tracks Wake Up Smell the Coffee!

    Pop's the ex school teacher in a Story on facebook "SO FAR!" disclosed that the story with no names "criminals of serious significant risks" in the story is about him "pops" and his family but "SO FAR" he's self promotes he's not been caught!

    Full Story Ablums Whoisagentp?


who is a gent p


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