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Plymouth animal Care

Plymouth animal Care

Pet Sitting Daily care of Plymouth animal Care, Rodents, Rabbits, Guineapigs Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Mice.

All pets, even small ones, require day to day care. You'll need to monitor their food and water intake. Even if your rodents don't empty the water bottle, change the water every few days. You wouldn't want to drink stagnant water, and your rodents feel the same way.

Home Visits for Rodents, Birds and exotic Pet Sitting
Plymouth Pet Care (PPC) Pet Services Plymouth Pet care can help if you own animals and are going on holiday. Local Pet Care home visits can provide your pets with daily or twice daily feeding and fuss that will enable them to stay in the comfort of their own home or without relying on friends or neighbours. We can also water plants, pick up your mail or open and close curtains etc for added security whilst you are away. We can help whether you're away on holiday for a month or on business for a night. We have probably owned just about every pet there is to have over the years but if you have something more exotic then just try us, we are always happy for a challenge!!.

•Provide fresh food and water and bowls cleaned
•Clean out cat litter trays
•Clean out hutches and cages
•Fresh bedding as required
•Medication if required and a little cuddle and some company
•Post will be moved
•Plants watered
•Curtains opened/closed and timers checked
•The house fully checked and made secure on leaving

Plymouth pet sitting visits from £7.00
We offer Discount packages to suit your needs.
please call or email us.

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Something more exotic. Exotic Pet Care Plymouth then just try us, we am always up for a challenge!!. Fish, Birds, Snakes, & Spiders. Looking after your exotic pet when your away.

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