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The Walk Rules, boundaries, and limitations - Dogs need to know that their pack leader is clearly setting the rules, boundaries and limitations for their life both inside and outside the house. Remember migration is to heal no sniffing, no pulling you are pack leader and set the rules. At the end of the walk off leash is a good way to drain the physical needs. Do not always let off leash without structured walk.

Putting a leash on your dog
Be strong, calm and assertive from the moment you even think about talking a walk. Wait until your dog is in a calm-submissive state before putting on the lead. Do not put a leash on a excited or nervous dog.

Waiting at the door
Once your dog is wearing a leash and is calm-submissive, then you may open the door. Is your dog stillcalm-submissive? If not, wait until they are. Never let a Dog out of the door first, you move outside and ask your
dog to follow. Do not allow your dog to dart in front of you.
Walking with your dog
Walk with your dog next to you or behind you “never in front of you”
Letting your dog sniff
If your dog has maintained a wonderful state of mind during the migration part of the walk, you can reward by letting them sniff, explore and relieve themselves.
Off Leash
It is essential to have a trained dog off leash. At the end of the walk I recommend off leash exercise.

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Returning from the walk
Coming home, follow the same routine as you did when going out. As pack leader, you should open
the door and enter “your” territory first. “Don't punch out” When you get home, don't stop leading.
The feeding Ritual
Do not feed an overexcited dog. Wait until your dog is calm-submissive before providing meal.
Before you give a meal “reward” Its a good idea to wait for the dog to look at you or ask them to
look at you. This prevents them from becoming obsessive about food. Create a appreciation ritual.
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