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Dog GPS Tracker SPT220 Pet Tracker :
Dog Tracker GPS TRACKING can provide you with the exact position of your pet any time day or night and with no monthly subscriptions. This compact GPS tracking device comes as a stand alone unit with a built-in rechargable battery that can be attached simply and easily to your pet's collar. No monthly fees! Unlimited monitoring! 24hour monitoring facility! FREE on-line tracking.

The Dog GPS Tracker internal battery which provides up to 70 hours standby battery life can be charged in-vehicle, via a PC and in the home or office with the supplied AC power.

Features include:
Snooper Tracker
12-24 volt In-vehicle Charger
AC Mains Adaptor
USB Cable
Tool for inserting SIM card
Operation Manual.
Snooper Tracker Technical Specification
Technology: GPS
GPS Receiver: SIRF III
Power: Battery: Internal rechargeable battery
Installation: Plug and play
Dimensions: Width - 45mm, Height - 73mm, Depth - 25mm

Trover ® Bone Dry™ Dog Self Drying Coats - Well-fitting and non-slip.
Fits any breed, No mud in your car, No mud in your house, Hands free drying no towels needed. Washes at 40º. Get the very best for your K9. Ideal after a long muddy wet walk. See our full price list Click Here

Pet Products
Plymouth Dog Training

Dog Self Drying Coats - Well-fitting and non-slip
Why Buy a Trover ® Bone Dry™?
  • Reduces risk of stiffness
  • No mud in your car
  • No mud in your house
  • Hands free drying
  • No underbelly strap
  • Well-fitting and non-slip
  • Looper fleece
  • Washes at 40º
"Made to Measure Custom service" please Email or Call
Code Colour Size Neck Inch Breed Guide Sale Price Inc Vat
BDR0 Red 10" to 12" Jack Russell / Yorkie 29.99
BDR1 Red 12" to 14" Mini Poodle / Westie 29.99
BDR2 Red 14" to 16" Westie / Border Terrier 28.99
BDR3 Red 16" to 18" Cocker / Staffie 28.99
BDR4 Red 16" to 18" Working Cocker 38.99
BDR5 Red 18" to 20" Springer / Collies 39.99
BDR6 Red 14" to 16" Flat Coat Retriever 29.99
BDR7 Red 18" to 20" Lab, Large Collies 43.99
BDR8 Red 20" to 22" Golden Retriever, GSD 44.99
BDR9 Red 24" to 26" Rottie / Larger Breeds 44.99
Back 28 Red 28" Custom large breed 49.99
Back 30 Red 30" Custom large breed 49.99
Back 32 Red 32" Custom large breed 54.99
Back 34 Red 34" Custom large breed 54.99

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