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Sitting daily, fish, birds, snakes, spiders and exotic care:
Observation and daily verification
of aquarium inhabitants is an important preventative measure that we can take. A quick daily check and feeding on your instructions will make sure for fish are in the best condition possible on your absence.
We will keep an eye on the water quality which can contribute significantly to reducing fish stress. A regular Plymouth pet feeding schedule is important to provide fish with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Disease resistance, coloration, activity level and reproduction are all major factors directly linked to a quality nutrition source.
We will also observe all aquarium inhabitants. Perform a quick visual check to ensure that there is no disease, injury, and/or abnormal behavior. Verify temperature and confirm that all support equipment is functioning correctly (filters, heaters, lighting, etc.). Remove any dead fish, plants, or obvious debris (such as plant leaves attached to intake strainer of filter).
If your away for long period we can also perform a partial water change, 5 to 10 percent is recommended. Clean inner and outer glass surfaces. This will eliminate any algae accumulation and ensure full viewing pleasure. This is important particularly for reef and planted aquariums. We will carry out any advice to the letter.

•Provide fresh food and water and bowls cleaned
•Fresh bedding as required
•Medication if required and a little cuddle and some company
•Post will be moved
•Plants watered
•Curtains opened/closed and timers checked
•The house fully checked and made secure on leaving

Plymouth pet sitting visits from £7.00
We offer Discount packages to suit your needs. please call or email us.

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Plymouth Excotic Pet Care
Something more exotic then just try us, we am always up for a challenge!!.

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