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Dog Walkers Plymouth Many people don't take their dog on as many walks as they should because they have issues keeping their dog under control, whether it's pulling, lunging, or other problem behaviours. There is hope! We will put the effort on the walk if possible to correct many problems and give advice. The Plymouth Dog Walk is done daily. SEE VIDEO PACK BEHAVIOUR WALK Click Here

Dog walking whatever the weather - Plymouth Pet Care (PPC) uniformed staff will collect your dog for a wonderful walk. Your dog can be collected from an easy access location and returned happy. Dogs always have access to fresh water and dried down. He/she will be made comfortable before we leave. Our daily written care notes will detail what your dog enjoyed whilst out with us. Unless dogs are from the same family we will not normally take more that 2 unless asked. Mainly Moors, parks, beach & woodland walks.

"We will do a minimum walk of 45 min, which every dog needs no matter how big or small"

Recovery Dog Walk:
45mins for medical conditions with breaks on the walk.

Pack Walk: 1hr to 2hr Recommended for all dogs, hunting and working breeds. Some dogs just have high energy and need a release.

Dog Walker Legislation There are several laws, guidelines and regulations that we adhere to;
Environmental Protection Act (1990) Dog Fouling
Control of Dogs Act (1992) Welfare of Animals (Transport) Order 2006 etc

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We use balanced dogs. If your dog barks or lunges at other dogs that you pass on the walk, we take time to do just that activity with another dog we trust. This way as trained walkers we practice remaining calm and correcting your dog. We will also give tips on what works for your dog. If the situation arises when you're dog walking and not expecting it, you'll feel better to handle the situation and that confidence will be communicated to your dog. Some dogs may need behaviour training first read more
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