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Plymouth Dog Day Care

Plymouth day care service, assisting in a more balanced dog.
Daily Pet Care for your dog whilst you are at work. Dog Behaviour, obedience advice and guidance for owners – prior to owning and after you have a dog. Dogs in our day care program participate in supervised exercise, play and socialization designed to bring balance to the dog as nature intended. Many of our clients report better behaved dogs after attending our day care program.

You are responsible for:
Making sure your dog wears a collar tag when out in a public place.
Cleaning up after your dog in public places. keeping your dog under control in a public place, through calm-assertive energy.

Plymouth Dog Day Care from £17.50
We offer Discount packages to suit your needs.
Dog Day Care is by arrangment booking only please call or email us.

Plymouth Dog Day Care

Dog owners have responsibilities towards their animal as well as their neighbours and the public. Dog day care and Dog obedience training can help to get rid of that unwanted energy.
When a naturally submissive dog lives with a human that does not lead, he or she will attempt to change the pack balance by filling what they see as a vacant pack leader role. This is how behavior problems develop.
Your dog will be with calm-assertive pack leaders through the day. This natural balance (calm-assertive leadership with calm-submissive behaviour) nurtures stability and creates a balanced, centered, and happy dog.

We will help with any breed for Dog obedience. We do not blame the breed, as a lot of people do. Any breed can cause trouble. The difference between an aggressive small Dog and an aggressive large dog is that the bigger breeds can cause proportionately more damage. To control a powerful breed, you need to become the dog’s pack leader and establish rules, boundaries, and limitations. Mastering the walk twice a day for thirty minutes to a full hour with specific breads. Dedicate at least 45 minutes a day to utilize your dog's energy in a positive manner. You need to fulfill the dog as nature intended.

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