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agentpwj Who is Agent P ? International Artist & the creator of Punkanism!  

(Digital Journal 2017) "UK Banksy of Music! unorthodox maverick. He defies any easy pigeonhole, unprecedented special instinctive raw aptitude and English charisma, rare with today's manufactured music. Like a gentle breeze caresses the electric guitar, accompanied with interwoven storm hitting the hard riffs and rhythm, with melody picking away on classical acoustic. The bass buzzing like a bubble bee funking out from flower to flower, pollinating the ancient soul straight from the heart. Sings on the edge of modern life, gliding over taboos with intellectual ease, encoded in sarcasm where you need to break the code."

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Who is agent P "Artist and Music" Rebel


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1st Album: Dream Of YOU!
Where's daddy gone!
Heart always finds its way home!
Airborne Brothers
Real Change (Commission work for REAL CHANGE

2nd Album: Political Machine!!
Fallen Angels!
Message to Family Courts! (FUKU) SONG BANNED
War on dad's! (Haters are going to hate!) 
Your EGO going to KILL us ALL

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agentpwjNEW! 3rd Album: We all Need Heroes!
Dangerous Kisses
Wake up and smell the coffee  
Losing Your Blood
What the Hell
Hell's no Joke
Belief is a lie
You gotta Love
Johnny Tribute (House rising sun)

Featuring the election song! _Vote NO party!
Commission work for no party movement!

UK Commissioned Musician & Artist!

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go be a fucking legend
political machine
we all need heroes
rule of frequency

whoisagentp Snowflakes

Rock my world
monster got a hold on me
Who is Agent P born out of belief! impression of the subjects individual freedom!
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